Cowboy’s Group of Companies is made up of six diverse departments. Although each department has its own speciality ranging from construction and steel manufacture to transport and rental solutions, all six have a reputation for exceptional service, quality products, and delivering truly turnkey solutions. 

At the core, all six have the same ethos: they thrive on any challenge. 

The amalgamation of these six departments under Cowboy’s Trading & Rental Solutions has strengthened these values. It also gives Cowboy’s clients one point of contact for a diversified, trusted service offering, and a resourceful, connected team willing to take on anything.


Headed by Heinz ‘Cowboy’ Büttner, Cowboy's is truly capable of supporting a vast number of multi-discipline projects through sharp utilisation of the divisions and resources within the group.
The Cowboy’s team can be seen constructing massive steel bridges, supplying international film sets with identically-sized pieces of biltong (beef jerky), transforming abandoned ruins for television commercials, relocating rhinos, and even assisting on plane crash rescue sites.


Construction is the foundation of the Cowboy’s business, and the group has firmly established itself as a powerful competitor in this field. From planning, design and development, through to construction and project management, Cowboy’s is fully equipped to take on a whole range of projects from constructing steel structures, bridges, breweries, showrooms, towers and film sets, to undertaking renovations, maintenance and paint works.



Cowboy’s steel manufacturing division mass produces and powder coats a variety of school furniture as well as folding tables and chairs, heavy duty beds, boxes, scaffolding, and steel coffins. The structural and architectural work includes the fabrication and erection of large portal frames, trusses and tubular structures – all made to the highest standards.

Cowboy’s shipping Containers are hired-out, sold, delivered, and converted according to client specifications. Cowboy’s specialises in converting these containers into anything from basic storage units, ablutions and workshops to fully-functional kitchens, air-conditioned offices, and even luxury accommodation on remote locations. Sturdy, insulated, and superbly finished, all containers are built to the highest quality and international standards.

With many clients in need of secure storage facilities, and with a steady supply of containers on hand, Cowboy’s established a top quality storage facility with over one hundred containers for general storage. Clean, secure, and guarded round the clock, the storage facility is another display of Cowboy’s acute attention to detail – right down to the ultra-bright security lights, professional container door locks, and stringent pest control programmes.

Cowboy’s equipment rental offer a lot more than just containers for hire. This division of their service offering includes property rental, an extensive range of specialised equipment and generators, scaffolding, chemical toilets, water tanks, beer tents, tables and benches. With a dedicated team ready to tackle any project and track down anything that may be needed, Cowboy’s is also fast becoming Namibia’s biggest and most trusted source for film set props.

Cowboy’s versatile transport services are in high demand. With a rugged and versatile fleet of 4x4 trucks, trailers and forklifts built to meet transport demands throughout Namibia, Cowboy’s supplies transport for containers, water, refuse, plant equipment and machinery. It’s also specialised
in the capture, loading, transport and release of wildlife and cattle. The Cowboy’s team has even been known to drive through the desert for eight hours just to deliver one generator…always ready to go the extra mile.



Truly turnkey solutions. Exceptional service. Quality products. And a fierce 24/7 dedication to the job at hand. The Cowboy’s team prides itself on its ability to get it right, no matter how large the project, how complex the challenge, or remote the location. This is not a company that sees clients and order sheets. This is a company that sees people. People who need something. And the Cowboy’s team goes out of its way to help those people.