Heinz (Cowboy)











Various Team Photos

We go anywhere just for YOU ...

Grabbing a bite in between busy schedule

Cowboy Team - Elephant Transfer from Khaudom to Erindi Ranch

Tanja Büttner - lending a helping hand


Marco Büttner

Mad Max – Introduction Braai Feb 2011 - Carl and Ulla

Frank helping with Animal Translocation


Anja & Frank - Hochland Nest (2009)

Amarika desalination plant (2010) - After a long day


Our helping hands at the Film Set

Heinz (cowboy)

Supporting Swakopmunder Karneval (2013)

Beach Athletics Day (2012)

Cattle Kraal


Simon & Ali

Helping hands at Windhoek Branch

Anton Lukas - Foreman at our Swakop Branch


Sakarias - Welder

Frank, Thomas & Cowboy preparing food for year end function


Christmas "Braai" Dec 2011

Thomas Kaue & Andreas Pamwe - long standing employees - 15+ years


Annemarie Hochobes & Andreas Pamwe - 15+ years

Windhoek Branch - Dec 2011 - team photo after year end function

3 x Cowboys – Khaudom (2013)

From The Past



Volker helping with Animal Translocation


Zulu helping at Container Yard (2012)

Gerd Rohe

Mark Weiss at Hochland Nest (2009)


Kukus Katsch - at the "Richtefest" in Benz Street (2001)

First School Furniture Production (2001) Kukus Katsch, Warren Beukes and Heinz Büttner


After hours with Elzabe Cocklin & Stefan Marcuzi