If we can’t move what you need from A to B, it probably can’t be moved!
Namibia has a versatile demand for specialised transport, from the industrial to the translocation of wildlife and everything in between, and Cowboys has become the answer to every need throughout the country. Our impressive fleet of rugged vehicles includes 4x4 trucks, 6x6 trucks, cranes, boom lifts, forklifts, trailers, cattle trucks, and rhino trailers. We’ve handled container moves, general transport, the delivery of livestock, water, plant equipment and machinery, and the removal of waste.
We’re also fully equipped to handle the delicate capture, loading, translocation and release of wildlife. And while we’ve always been prepared to go the extra mile (like driving
through the desert dunes for 8 hours to deliver just one generator to a film set), our new 6x6 trucks deserve special mention … because now we really
can go where no one else can.

Because we’re always up to something!